This is Flavor Amp.

©Quirin Dubbert

Flavor Amp. is an alternative-rock band from Austria. We are going to publish our debut-album called „Art for You“ in July 2022.

Dynamic riffs, rousing lyrics and catchy melodies, that will stay in your memory.

“This is Flavor Amp.“

Our new single „Art for You“ is out now!!

„Text and music combined, creates a feel in your mind.“

Flavor Amp.


We´re recording our first album at the moment. Check out our social media accounts for more infos of our time in the studio.

Stay tuned – our first album will be released in July 2022!

The story behind Flavor Amp.

Flavor Amp. was founded in June 2020.

Their story began during the first corona-quarantine.

In order to their boredom, Lukas & Luki were in close contact via social media. They made the most important decision in June 2020, when they decided to jam together. Luki brought along a good friend, Alex, who had been playing the drums for many years. After the first songs, they realised:

That shit is fucking awesome!“

Flavor Amp. was founded in June 2020.
From then on they wanted to jam more often, and they stuck to their plan. 

Today, Flavor Amp. is recording and releasing their first album.

Stay tuned - Get ready for Alternative-Rock like you´ve never heard before!

Check them out!